FINE ARTIST Flavia ArrudaThe symbol for infinity, which Flavia Arruda Fine Artist has chosen as her brand icon, represents the endless circles of life as a continuous creative flow.  It can be drawn in a continuous movement as loops that contrast with and complete each other to reflect the balance of opposites. Its outer lines signify the infinite nature of creation, whereas the central crossover represents the eternity of this source. Infinity and eternity, a ceaseless coming and going that reproduces the constant dualism that governs our Universe.

In her creations, Flavia Arruda Fine Artist exhibits an infinite variety of themes, shapes, colors and materials, transforming them into an infinite variety of jewels, bringing meanings and new interpretations to desires, emotions, life experiences and journeys made, just like the constant flow of infinity.

The huge creative capacity and artistic sensitivity of Flavia Arruda Fine Artist are fully directed towards showing and stressing the infinite facets of the female universe, satisfying not only the woman’s search for the beautiful, but also her desire for the eternity of the jewels she acquires, which become a part of her history and that of her family.