Flavia Arruda – Fine Artist

I was born in Brazil and lived my early ages in the spectacular portal city of Recife, the Venice of the southern hemisphere.  The sun, the water, the beaches are captivating, energizing.  This magical place was perfect for a little girl like me to dream and let her imagination go.  My grandparents and mother’s expressive creativity, as a pianist and art collector, was my guiding force. One of my earliest memories is painting with watercolors. Creative expression has always been integrated into my day. Even while I was accomplishing my credentials as an economist, I never stopped exploring my love of the arts.  I spent a few years in our family antique business. I used to have a Directive Position within the structure of my parents’ Antique Shop in Brasília, where I was in charge of the Arts and History Sector thus identifying and selecting pieces for the store collection.  There, I was intrigued by the rich stories that each rare piece revealed.

Now as a mother of two and having travelled the world with my family and alone*, I’m kicking-off my first jewelry fine-gem collection called L.I.F.E., with one of a kind pieces.  Why? My hope is that wearing my jewelry will uplift a woman’s mood, encourage her to dream, feel her better self, create her own mystery, and tell the story she wants to tell.  I also want to help women who need a new story. Together, we can help women who must change their stories of pain, suffering, and abuse.  For every piece of jewelry I sell to you, I will donate 1% to AMREF:

No woman should die giving birth. Yet, more than 200,000 women die each year in sub-Saharan Africa during pregnancy and childbirth. Most of these deaths could easily be prevented if basic medical care was available. Support AMREF’s campaign to improve maternal health in Africa to save women’s lives.

*I have lived in Europe (Paris, London and Manchester , Brussels), as well as in the Far East (Tokyo) and Oceania (Australia), where I became acquainted with jewel design in these places and extracted ideas to match my capacity to generate unique pieces to adorn people with a touch of class and style.